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N-Peace is a convenor of dialogues between civil society, government and other groups on policy related to Women, Peace and Security (WPS).

N-Peace provides space for dialogue on WPS issues across our network countries.  This could mean connecting grassroots advocates with women’s groups at central levels, or, convening government representatives with civil society groups to deliberate relevant policy issues. We also engage peace advocates in regional dialogues to discuss common challenges and share strategies for achieving their goals. 
Country Consultations

Since 2010, the following country consultations have taken place under the N-Peace initiative, coordinated by UNDP Asia Pacific Regional Centre, UNDP Country Offices and often with the support of the N-Peace Partner, Search for Common Ground.


The First N-Peace National Dialogue
With the participation of over 40 women leaders from various provinces of Afghanistan, the first National Dialogue for the N-Peace Network took place Kabul from 16th-17th of July 2010. The two-day N-Peace dialogue allowed Afghan women to develop a set of post-transition priorities for their role in peace and security agendas. The women leaders also devised ways to work with the N-Peace Network at country and regional levels. The workshop focused on a number of objectives, namely, (i) launching of the N-Peace Network in Afghanistan, (ii) sharing of the results and experiences of the Tokyo Conference, (iii) mapping ongoing interventions and current needs to address women’s leadership in WPS, and (iv) prioritizing the N-Peace activity plan in Afghanistan for 2012-13.
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The Forum on Women, Peace & Security in Afghanistan
The Forum on Women, Peace and Security in Afghanistan, 4-6 December 2012, jointly supported by the N-Peace Network and the Research Institute for Women, Peace and Security (RIWPS), was attended by women Members of Parliament and more than 80 women, including representatives of the Provincial Peace Councils and the High Peace Council from some of the most conflict-ridden parts of the country. The event aimed to establish the basis for greater female participation in Afghanistan’s national dialogue on peace and reconciliation over the next 3-5 years and provide a space for the finalization of an action plan for furthering the role of women in promoting peace and security. 
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National Civil Society Consultation Workshop on Perspectives of Women in the Policy on Women, Peace & Security
In June 2011, UNDP and the Government of Indonesia organized a national CSO consultation to discuss and deliberate the drafting of the National Action Plan (NAP) on UNSCR 1325. CSOs from 10 post-conflict and high-risk provinces collectively discussed the challenges and implementation modalities of the draft policy, as well as highlighted the roles of women in building and restoring peace in communities. These perspectives and priorities were consolidated and the report was presented to the Ministry of Women’s Empowerment, as an input into finalizing the NAP.
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N-Peace Indonesia’s Second National Dialogue on the National Action Plan P4K
A second national dialogue with CSOs took place in mid-April 2012 providing a space to enhance CSO and government interaction and dialogue on the NAP P4K, as it is named, so to increase awareness and understanding on the NAP P4K provisions and related policies, as well as develop a communications and outreach plans to carry out its socialization.
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N-Peace Consultation
On 26th May 2011 a consultation was organized to convene N-Peace members and serve as a platform for discussion among key CSOs and other relevant stakeholders about priorities and challenges for working on WPS in Nepal, and mapping these issues for developing advocacy messages. This consultation was particularly useful for discussions among CSOs and the Nepal Police on ways for enhancing state-civil society coordination. 
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National Conference on Women, Peace and Security: Experiences and Lessons Learned
The ‘National Conference on Women, Peace and Security: Experiences and Lessons Learned from Nepal’  took place from 26-27 March 2012 in Kathmandu, as organized by Shantimalikah and Search for Common Ground and supported by UNDP and AusAID under the N-Peace initiative. The event provided a space to celebrate the work of women peace builders – including recognition of all 2011 N-Peace Award nominees – and sharing of experiences and lessons learnt amongst stakeholders working on the WPS agenda in Nepal. Representatives from Nepal’s Government, CSOs, and NGO, UN and development partners participated in the national consultation to develop recommendations to improve the implementation of Nepal’s Nation Action Plan (NAP) on 1325 & 1820 which were presented to the Ministry of Peace and Reconstruction.

N-Peace National Forum in Nepal 2013
At the N-Peace National Forum in Kathmandu, 20-21 March 2013, organised by Search for Common Ground and UNDP under the N-Peace initiative, peace advocates representing government, media and grassroots organizations came together to share experiences and lessons from their work on advancing peace and development. Participants analyzed progress on the participation pillar of Nepal’s NAP and developed recommendations that can guide future programmes and interventions from the international community as well as government actions.
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N-Peace launch & dialogue on NAP 1325 & 1820 implementation
Under the N-Peace initiative, UNDP-Philippines and UNDP Asia-Pacific Regional Centre organized a meeting in Manila, the Philippines, amongst a group of 20 women on 21 May 2012 to share and discuss ongoing and planned initiatives in support of the Philippines' National Action Plan (NAP) for the implementation of UNSCR 1325 and 1820.  


A Networking Event in Colombo on Women’s Leadership
A knowledge sharing and networking session among N-Peace women leaders was organized allowing women engaged in the UNDP Sri Lanka Women’s Leadership Development Project to share their experiences on the 6th of April 2011 in Colombo. The women reflected on issues ranging from standing for local elections to overcoming cultural barriers and bridging ethnic divides. The networking session provided an opportunity for women to interact and establish contacts with service providers such as the police, development and welfare officers. Women participants in this particular session expressed confidence as they strove to take on more active roles in policy-making and governance. 
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Networking and Information Sharing
The N-Peace Network in Sri Lanka  organized outreach activities to share information about the network with hundreds of policy level and grassroots women activists who took part in an event organized by Sthree Mela from 8th-10th December, 2011, at the Bandaranaike Exhibition Hall in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Search for Common Ground, the N-Peace Network partner, organized an information stall on the sidelines of the Sthree Mela event and network members also spoke about N-peace during a session within the three day programme. 

The N-Peace Review and Work Planning Meeting in Colombo
The N-Peace Review and Work Planning Meeting in Colombo, Sri Lanka, 5th July, 2012, organized by UNDP and Search for Common Ground was attended by civil society women from the national level and various districts – including Jaffna, Mannar and Kandy – along with Government representation from the Ministry of Child Development and Women’s Affairs, and staff from the UN system. During the consultation attendees discussed the challenges faced by women in Sri Lanka in relation to Women, Peace & Security (WPS) and mapped current interventions at the national and regional levels relevant to the WPS agenda. This led to an exploration of gaps and opportunities for future initiatives in Sri Lanka.
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WPS Dialogue with Women’s Parliamentary Caucus in Sri Lanka
On Friday 21 September, 2012, 8 Members of Parliament from the Women’s Parliamentary Caucus and several of their colleagues from Parliament joined UNDP and several civil society representatives, including members and partners of the N-Peace network, for a half day session to explore issues and ideas related to the women, peace and security agenda. Supported by the N-Peace Initiative, via the UNDP Asia Pacific Regional Centre, the dialogue considered the UN Security Council Resolution 1325, its relevance to Sri Lanka, and in particular how the Parliamentarians can promote the participation of women and the inclusion of gender perspectives in post-conflict peacebuilding and governance.

N-Peace Sri Lanka District Forums on women and peace in Galle and Trincomalee
On 1 and 4 March 2013, Search For Common Ground (SFCG), supported by UNDP via the N-Peace initiative, organized two district level forums on women and peace in Galle and Trincomalee districts. The forums aimed to raise awareness of UNSCR 1325 related issues relevant to the post-war context among women’s organizations, women’s networks and local government officials.
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A Roundtable Discussion on GBV & Links to UNSCR 1325
A Roundtable Discussion was organized on the 4 March 2011, to discuss the 'Roles of Legal Actors in Implementing the Law Against Domestic Violence (LAW NO. 7/2010 of 7 of July 2010) in Timor Leste'. The event was convened by The Secretary of State for the Promotion of Equality in cooperation with The Prosecutor General and Ombudsman for Human Rights and Justice (PDHJ). This consultation forms part of an effort towards creating a National Action Plan on UNSCR 1325 which, per the decision of the Secretary of State for the Promotion of Equality, will be part of the National Action Plan to Address Gender-Based Violence.


N-Peace Timor-Leste March for Peace
On March 29, 2012, the Timor-Leste N-Peace members organized a peace march where hundreds of youth and women’s organization gathered in Dili to march for peace as part of the N-Peace Campaign on WPS. 

Timor-Leste N-Peace Awardees Honor the Efforts of Women in Peace and Security
The N-Peace Awards Launch Ceremony was held in Dili, Timor-Leste, 22 November 2012, under the theme of ‘Valuable Efforts of Women in Peace and Security for National Development,’ and with support from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Search for Common Ground (SFCG). The Timor-Leste N-Peace Awardees from 2011 and 2012, Mana Filamena Reis and Mana Lu Ismaik, were honored as role models for all Timorese women at the ceremony which was attended by over 80 representatives from prominent development NGOs and women’s organizations, as well as journalists from the national media. 

Regional Consultations


UNSCR 1325 Consultation 2010 To mark the 10 year anniversary of UNSCR 1325, UNDP Asia-Pacific Regional Centre brought together over thirty representatives from civil society, government and UNDP offices from Nepal, Indonesia, Timor-Leste and Sri Lanka on 4-5 October in Bangkok, Thailand, to take stock of achievements and challenges in achieving the provisions of the Resolution on Women, Peace & Security. At this meeting a multi-country network- N-PEACE (Engage for Peace, Equality, Access, Community and Empowerment), was established in support of strengthening the role of women in leading community recovery and building and restoring peace. The members identified a number of challenges and articulated the need to create further advocacy and recognize the roles of women as agents of recovery efforts, peace initiators and mediators at the community level.
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Held one year after the N-Peace Network was established, the 2011 consultation in Bangkok was the second annual meeting of the N-PEACE network facilitated by UNDP. This event celebrated the work of the first N-Peace Awardees, an award established to acknowledge the leadership of women in building peace, empowering their communities and in preventing conflicts. The event also provided a space for network members gathered to take stock of the ways in which they can strengthen women’s roles in building peace and security. 


The Asia Pacific Mediation Leadership Summit: ‘From Talk to Action’ was collaboratively hosted in Bangkok, Thailand, between 2-3 December 2011, by the Asia Pacific Mediation Forum (APMF) in conjunction with renowned academic, government, United Nations (UN), non-governmental and civil society organizations (NGOs, CSOs) from across the Asia Pacific region and globally. The N-Peace Network engaged in the Summit through a Gender and Mediation Theme Group, co-convened by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Asia-Pacific Regional Centre and UN Women. The Gender and mediation Theme Group brought together leading women mediators, negotiators and peacebuilders with the aim to explore gender perspectives in peacemaking, women's under-representation in peace negotiations, and to discuss and unpack critical issues faced by women in conflict mediation and peace-making.  

Gender and Mediation Theme Group Recommendations from the Asia Pacific Mediation Leadership Summit


The N-Peace Forum on Leadership for Peace & 2012 Awards Ceremony, held in Manila, the Philippines, from 9-11 October celebrated and showcased the stories of the nine N-Peace Awardees. The forum also provided a space for exploring conflict prevention and peace building best practice in the region and planning country level N-Peace Network activities. 
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