Amina Azimi

Amina was just 11 years old when she lost her right leg from a rocket propelled grenade that crashed into her home and exploded. Today at the age of 29, she is working to challenge the discriminations that impede participation of other disabled individuals.

Part of Amina’s work has involved helping the most vulnerable disabled women in hospitals and homes across communities, to assist them in overcoming social challenges and become active members of society. In 2007, she worked as peer counselor and provided counseling to hundreds of women and girls with disabilities, most of whom have remained hidden in their homes for years.

Amina has played a key role in creating an advocacy committee called Women with disabilities Advocacy Committee (WAAC), which focuses on advocating for the promotion and protection of the rights of women and girls with disabilities in the National Disability Law, currently under formulation. In early 2011 she created Empowering Women with Disability (EWD) and started training nearly 400 women with disabilities and their families. She also works for Afghan Landmine Survivors’ Organization (ALSO), a grassroots organization that supports the rights of disabled people.

Amina reaches out to other disabled Afghans via Qahir-e-Qahraman (Qahir the Champion), a radio initiative to spread her message about the rights and needs of people with disabilities. Over the past six years, the show has produced more than 300 short weekly programs that profile individuals who have overcome physical impediments.