Farkhunda Zahra Naderi

Ms. Naderi, an Afghan Parliamentarian, was elected as the Kabul representative in the Afghanistan National Assembly, with the support of National Unity Party of Afghanistan (NUPA) in 2010.

In the parliamentary election, she launched the most controversial campaign in Afghanistan with the slogan Chadarithe Window of Power, with a focus on educating and empowering Afghan women. She was successfully elected with having highest votes to represent the Kabul province in the lower house of the Afghanistan Parliament.

Since the election she has continued the fi ght for women’s issues working on the political participation of women in the Supreme Court; the Elimination of Violence Against Women Law; and has carried out advocacy campaigns calling upon the need to translate United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 into real practice, especially advocating for women’s increased participation in peace processes.

She joined the National Unity Party of Afghanistan (NUPA) Hzbi Paiwandi Millie in order to encourage women’s participation in politics. In 2007, the Central Council of the party appointed her as the Head of the Women’s Committee & Youth Association. In this capacity she has taken on several important tasks such as setting up the organizational structure for Economic, Cultural, Disciplinary and Sport Committees, as well as setting up initiatives to support youth in higher education.