Hasina Jalal

Hasina Jalal is a promoter of women’s rights, democratic principles, journalist, writer, and lecturer from Afghanistan. With a focus on education and training for marginalised women in her community, Hasina has advocated for, and encouraged, the voices of young women to promote partnerships and collaboration with women’s groups and individuals.

Despite cultural barriers and receiving security threats, Hasina has pushed the agenda of women’s rights in Afghanistan through capacity building with numerous national NGOs.

Additionally, Hasina is a writer and publisher in Afghanistan local press, and through this platform, has been able to provide narratives and insights into the lives and struggles of women in local communities. She also co-founded the Afghani weekly Freedom Message Newspaper, an activist tabloid that exposes abuses of women’s rights and promotes freedom of expression, tolerance and understanding of democratic principles and laws on human rights.

In 2012, Hasina was listed by the Asian Rural Women Coalitions (ARWC) under the “Honouring 100 Women Campaign”. In 2012, Hasina founded and directed the National Association of Afghanistan Civil Society, and founded the South Asian Female Alliance, until 2018. She was also the founding member, trainer, and advocate for the Afghanistan Women Empowerment and Capacity Building Centre from 2011. As well as this, she received the “Women Leadership Achievement Award” by World Women Leadership Congress in 2015, and the “World Super Achiever Award” by the World Human Rights Congress in 2017. Between 2016 and 2017, Hasina was a college lecturer at both Khorshid University and Saber University, as well as a Policy Analyst at the Presidential Palace. Since 2014, she was also placed on the board for at Justice for All Organisation, where she continues today.