Jo Genna Martin Jover

Jo Genna Martin Jover is from Maguindanao, a province in the Philippines and belongs to the Teduray ethnic group. She is an advocate for non-violent change and peacebuilding, and has dedicated her time to promote social and cultural equality within her tribe, and also with the government, “amid such injustices as intrusion into their traditional lands.”

Jo is also a member of the Kutawato Council for Justice and Peace. In this role, she raises awareness of the rights of indigenous peoples, and more specifically, Moro women. She has trained and encouraged women in the area to participate in peacebuilding and socialital reconstruction. Jo also promotes peacebuilding between the government and the Moro communities; two parties that have experienced decades of conflict.

Jo is a member of the Transitional Justice and Reconciliation Commission, where she hears of the problems from communities and devises methods and approaches to enable the peace processes in these areas to be fulfilled.