Rahmatullah Noorzai

Rahmatullah Noorzai grew up in Herat province, Afghanistan. From a young age, Rahmatullah became acutely aware of the insecurity and displacement of his people during tumultuous periods in the country, and was motivated to take action through education.

After graduating with a law and political science degree, Rahmatullah became Provincial Chief of the Ashna International Youth Forum in Herat. Through this role, he was able to identify the most vulnerable areas of the province and determine that for poverty to end and for prosperity and peace to flourish, educational facilities were needed urgently.

In 2010, Rahmatullah founded an educational institute to provide free education for both adults and children in the region. For those that were unable to pay for training, courses, and classes, attending Rahmatullah’s institute meant that children could continue their education after being displaced, and adults could learn and develop new skills.

Rahmatullah has run specific workshops and courses for the women in the province, helping to educate them on their fundamental human rights, and raising awareness of violence against women. Ratmatullah has now educated over 1350 students in Herat at his institute, and continues to do so.