Shashi Kumary Adhikary (Raut)

Shashi Kumary Adhikary is a practicing lawyer and legal aid consultant, and is committed to the improvement of women’s rights in Nepal.

She has worked for over 20 years for gender-sensitive legislative changes, and her work demonstrates a holistic approach that targets the key stakeholders crucial to not just the formulation but also enforcement of just laws for women and children to enjoy fundamental freedoms.

Shashi campaigns for gender equity within the nation’s laws and women’s access to equitable justice. She devotes herself to promoting women’s rights in a broad range of issues, from education and property rights, to the basic right of identity. To this end, she is involved in range of activities, from organising awareness and legal education programmes at the village level, to building leadership capacities of women in community-based organisations, as well as running trainings for police officers, political leaders and government officials on gender issues and peace building.

Shashi says, “In Nepal it is very difficult to recognise the equal treatment of men and women as there are so many discriminatory laws regarding women. The feminist movement plays a vital role regarding the rights of women in so many sectors”. As Nepal rebuilds and reforms take place following its decade long conflict, Shashi’s work ensures women rights are enshrined in laws and that women can access justice on the path to peace.

Currently, she serves as President of Legal Aid and Consultancy Center (LACC) and is a reader at the Faculty of Law at Tribhuvan University.