Habiba Sarabi

Habiba Sarabi fled to Pakistan in 1996 during the height of the violence in Afghanistan with her children, where her passion for girls’ education grew.

She conducted classes for teachers in refugee camps. “They went back to refugee camps and taught children who couldn’t go to school and set up schools. I also intervened to bring Afghan refugee children back to the country.”

After her return in 2005, Habiba was made Governor of Bamyan Province, the first woman governor in the country. She recounts: “I worked hard to ensure the enrolment of girls in schooling. As a result, Bamyan ranked first in girls’ enrolment.” Habiba has since held various positions as Minister and adviser to Ministries.

Today, Habiba is one of seven women deputies leading the 50-member High Peace Council in Afghanistan. Habiba uses her Council position to advocate for the inclusion of all rights and entitlements that women should enjoy as envisioned by the UNSCR 1325.