Rizky Ashar Murdiono

Rizky Ashar Murdiono (Indonesia)

Rizky Ashar Murdiono grew up on the streets of Surabaya, Indonesia. He did many odd jobs to survive and also to get a decent education, which he believed was the stepping stone to a bright future. Rizky’s familiarity with the constraints facing the poor and marginalized youth in his community drove him to community service at a very young age. “My biggest motivation to help the poor and marginalized youth and others”, he says, “was my father’s advice. He said ‘Even if you don’t have money and you are poor yourself, you still can help people’. I really want to help others. We live to help others.” Rizky is now part of the Youth Diversity Alliance, which works for the sexual and reproductive rights awareness for

people with disabilities, counselling, peer-educator, youth media literacy, self-employment support for poor women, and gender socialization learning. Rizky is also part of Pelangi Nusantara Social Enterprise, which supports young women’s skills development and self-employment assistance to turn rag waste into value-added products.