Rizky Ashar Murdiono

Rizky Ashar Murdiono grew up on the streets of Surabaya, Indonesia. He sought out a decent education for himself in Computer Science and Information Technology, as he believed this was the best way to progress and implement change for others in his position.

Rizky’s familiarity with the constraints facing the poor and marginalised youth in his community drove him to community service at a very young age. “My biggest motivation to help the poor and marginalised youth and others”, he says, “was my father’s advice. He said, ‘Even if you don’t have money and you are poor yourself, you still can help people’. I really want to help others. We live to help others.”

In June 2016, Rizky co-founded the 2030 Youth Force Indonesia initiative which uses SDGs to bring awareness to the youth of Indonesia by “strengthening young people’s capacities to participate in decision-making”. He also is an ASEAN MY World 2030 advocate, and a Partnership and Membership Officer for Filantropia Indonesia. Filantropia Indonesia is an NGO which was founded to promote philanthropic activities in Indonesia and cultivate social justice. Rizky also joined the Brawijaya University, Study and Service Centre for Disabilities, to provide mentoring and peer-education for those with severe disabilities. Additionally, he has been elected onto the youth advisory panel of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).

For Rizky, the promotion of peace and rights awareness rests on an understanding and a passion for sexuality and reproductive independence, LGBT, and disability acceptance.