Ruby Khalifah

Since getting involved in women’s rights activism at university, Ruby Khalifah been a trailblazer in her community.

Ruby’s increased understanding of the systemic and structural issues faced by rape victims and women affected by abuse and violence motivated her to be a voice to the voiceless. After graduation, Ruby began working with AMAN (the Asian Muslim Action Network), an organization working for the leadership development of women, organizing communities and advocacy, and campaigning for imp- roved rights for minority groups. AMAN’s flagship programme is a community-based women’s school for peace, in which “women will gain knowledge and skills in gender perspectives, peacebuilding, conflict analysis, the role of women in peace through global experiences, inter-faith perspectives on peace, community organizing, and advocacy.”

Ruby also helped draft the National Action Plan on 1325, a key instrument in working with conflict-affected women and victims of violence who have been denied access to justice.