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Suprayoga Hadi

Suprayoga Hadi has been working steadily to advance the inclusion of women in peace and security issues.

 In his decade of tenure at the Ministry for National Development Planning/National Development Planning Agency (BAPPENAS), Hadi was responsible for the rehabilitation and reconstruction of post-conflict regions including Aceh and Maluku.

 Then, he played a leading role in establishing the Women and Peace Champion Forum (FP3) in Maluku, North Maluku and Central Sulawesi, which aims to address domestic violence and the issues women face in post-conflict areas, promote women’s political participation, and develop skills of women. He was instrumental in getting the Law No. 7 Year 2012 on Social Conflict Management enacted in 2012. This promotes gender mainstreaming and addresses women’s specific needs during conflicts.

 He also helped create the following gender-sensitive conflict-related mechanisms: Conflict Sensitive Planning Guideline (which involves women in decision-making processes); and Conflict Early Warning Early Response System Guideline (which ensures the inclusion of women representatives); and the drafting of Conflict Prevention Framework (to promote women’s role in conflict prevention initiatives).

 Previously, he worked on the reintegration and recovery assistance program to reduce the vulnerability of victims of conflict in Aceh, directing focus to women and marginalized groups. This had culminated in livelihoods and economic support of vulnerable persons, including female ex-combatants, and provision of legal support to communities of Aceh Selatan.

He is continuing his support for women and for women’s civil society organizations in the two roles that he now holds: Deputy Minister for the Development of Special Regions (Ministry for the Development of Disadvantaged Regions), and National Project Director for Peace Through Development in Disadvantaged Areas.
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