Chandra Kali Bohora

Chandra Kali Bohora doesnt actually know when she was born, although she looks to be between 30-35 years of age, which is still very good considering the life expectancy of people in Karnali (including Dolpa) is only 49 years. This means that people in this area die 18 years before the people in the rest of the country. She was married in the village without knowing any information about the marriage, as many other girls have. Dolpa women are suffering from multiple layers of discrimination at various levels and capacities. They are born neglected and die without any value, respect, love or any of the things that these women deserve. 

Mrs. Bohora had children, but her husband died around 8 years ago due to not receiving necessary treatment for a medical condition. Even today, Dolpa has no access to a highway, there is no telephone, no electricity; no facilities whatsoever. But she never gave up on what she had in her heart. She was illiterate during these days and didnt know much about the social work, but she continued to help others for their betterment. 

Later on, she married a man from Rukum and they started to live on their own as before. Now, she is a recognized womens leader in Dolpa. She is invited to school management meetings, village council meetings, and any other development meetings. She has a deep passion to abolish child marriage because she has gone through so much suffering herself as a child bride and widow. She is also passionately working for a literacy program as vice chair of Samunaat Karnali ("Prosperous Karnali"). She is writing a childrens book, Ek Kitab, because of her own deprivation from education and furhter deprivation from many opportunities in her life. She is doing many activities to make it happen from this most remote village of Nepal. She says nothing is impossible. 

About the Organization:Sammunat Karnali is a citizen’s initiative for inclusive growth and good governance. It is a grassroots civil society organization registered in the Karnali region of Nepal. Local citizens of Nepal living in Karnali have realized that to explore the resources and potentia, they have to gather goodwill from national and global communities for the well-being of every household and socio-economic growth of Karnali and beyond.

By using local passion, global goodwill, and innovative solutions from youth around the world, she is striving to enable the potential of every citizen who will recognize their own capacity and resources; by using those, they will make a difference.
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