Laxmi Kanya Buda

Laxmi Kanya was born in Jumla.

Jumla a district of Karnali zone, which is the most remote, conflict-affected and poor regions of the country. Laxmi Kanya has multiple identities. She is an ex-Maoist combatant, peace leader, politician, writer and mother of two children. 

She joined the Maoists when she was studying grade 8 as a combatant. When the country was in the peace process, she continued her education and she graduated from grade 12. In the meantime, she continuously mobilize the women, men, political leaders and also worked a chairperson for the Peace Committee under the ministry of Peace and Reconstruction. She also worked as president and secretary of various womens networks at the district and regional level. She also heavily engaged in response and prevention of gender-based violence at district in Jumla. She published a book where she profiled the women who were killed from Karnali during the insurgency. She is also continuously writing articles in local papers.

Recently, she has been working as president of the District Womens Network in Jumla. 
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