Sischa Solokana


Born in 1990, Sischa experienced the dark SARA conflict which broke out in Indonesia in 1998-1999. That experience sparked this 26-year womans determination to become a formidable woman who fights for her rights as a women, and who would bring back the beautiful atmosphere of togetherness between different groups that had existed before the conflict. She joined the volunteers at one of the local NGOs, CIS Timor since 2010. She began volunteering as a community change maker with the Alliance Campaign We Can Indonesia organization that promotes gender equality. Since then, she has become a role model for young people and gender, as well as a facilitator for young people. She also continues to actively work on issues related to gender equality today.

Just this year, because of her love for music, she was also involved as a volunteer in a peace campaign as part of one of the programs run by CIS Timor.

She continues to be involved in the campaign for peace along with its various communities as a volunteer. She has been entrusted as chairwoman of the peace campaign Playing for Change Kupang - NTT, and is the sole representative of Indonesia to participate in the Playing For Change Concert, a concert for peace conducted simultaneously around the world on the same date. 

Furthermore, she is also active as a volunteer in community groups which organize various social activities, and through activities which encourage caring for others no matter what belakanganya background.

She is also campaigning for peace through music. She and her band write songs with the theme of peace.

She has also volunteered with the Peace Maker Kupang Community, an interfaith youth group that is committed to re-create the social cohesion between religious communities in Timor; their vision: "from NTT Indonesia Peace ". Initially, she was more involved in informal discussions and campaigns that mobilize campaigns. But then since 2013 up until today, she has become one of the facilitators who trains young people to issues of peace building.

In 2014, she undertook mobilizer training which was held by the N-Peace Network in Bangkok. After that, she was active in activities promoting the issue of Women, Peace and Security at the local level, and has also been actively involved in strategic discussions at the national level with N-Peace Indonesia. She actively communicates womens issues of peace and security to the provincial board of womens empowerment in the region, and also works to promote these women’s rights networks. In addition, she also opened up space for discussion and an opportunity for people to learn about issues of Women Peace and Security, and tries mengadvokasikannya work in any network.

Recently, she has been integrating disability issues into the work of peace which she has worked on with the Compact, as well as on the issue of Women, Peace and Security. Thanks to this, women finally believe peace is non-discriminatory; all should be involved in building peace.

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