Tulsi Kumari Budha

Tulasi Kumari, 42, is a rising entrepreneur in the mushroom business. She received technical skills training at a 12-day mushroom farming training organised by the UNDP Micro-enterprise Development Programme (MEDEP) in her hometown of Tulsipur-6, Dang district.

As a start-up support after the training, MEDEP also provided her with a water tank, refrigerator, straw cutter, drum, motor and further training in packaging and marketing her mushrooms. As a result, Tulasi earned a net profit of Rs 110,000 (1,401 USD) last year, whereas her investment was less than 1,000 USD.

Below are some highlights on her work:

•    Since it began, MEDEP has developed over 32,000 micro-entrepreneurs (68% women, 20% Dalits and 67% youth) and created about 37,000 sustainable jobs.

•    The success of MEDEP has let the government to allocate substantial funding to the local government bodies (3 million USD in fiscal year 2010/11) to implement the MEDEP model in 45 districts under its new Micro-enterprise Development for Poverty Alleviation Scheme. The government plans to replicate the MEDEP model in all 75 districts of Nepal in five years time

•    Thanks to her steadily rising profit, she has since built a home for herself. In addition, she has constructed a shed for growing mushrooms at the cost of 2 million rupees (25,477 USD). Her total investment in the enterprise is 15,000 rupees (200 USD). Through MEDEP’s support, she has also been receiving the opportunity to participate in local, regional and national level agricultural expos and trade fairs.

•    The benefits of mushroom farming are manifold. She has become a known trainer and has trained more than 1000 people. 

•    An active entrepreneur, Ganga now is the Chair of the Ganga Mala Agriculture Micro-Entrepreneurs Group, Tulsipur Market Centre, Vice Chair of the District Micro-Entrepreneurs Groups Association and a member of the National Micro-entrepreneurs Groups Association. She is also involving in different social welfare organizations at the local, regional and national level. She started her business from her home in the small scale and she has gradually expanded her business to the large scale. Now, she has established her own house for an organization named the Ganga Mala Agriculture Micro-Entrepreneurs Group. 11 people in total are involved in this organization. 5 people are directly involved, and 6 people are indirectly involved in her business. Her aim is to be a successful woman as a mushroom cultivator.
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