Sapana Bhattarai Sharma

Sapana Bhattarai Sharma is by religion Hindu, but has dedicated her work to the protection and promotion of Muslim women and the Muslim community for the last 12 years. 

She is one of the pillars of Fatima Foundation Nepal (FFN), an NGO where Sapana works at the capacity of General Secretary. FFN is a social organization established with the aim of empowering women from the Muslim community. 

Ms. Sharma is a role model for the organization and has contributed to changing the situation of Muslim women in their community. She is also a trainer and has provided training on gender and inclusion issues to empower and raise awareness in the community on their legal rights. She has mobilized 10 youth volunteers and peace ambassador in 5 village development committees and formed conflict victim youth groups and mobilized them, which is instrumental and has contributed to peacebuilding at the local level.

Through her direct engagement and writing on issues in women’s rights in Nepal, she was able to raise awareness at the local and national level. Her contribution as an advocate, researcher and trainer on women’s issues is appreciated by the community. Because of her wide and varied experience, she has also contributed to the community as mobilizer at the community level.
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