Delia Salminang

The Philippines
Delia Salminang is a trained mediator is working to find solutions in her neighborhood.

Salminang and the B’laan people had experience conflict for a long time. In order to address the issue, Salminang became a community dispute mediator to bring justice to her community. In 2010, Salminang joined a network of thousands known as Barangay Justice Advocates. 

The Advocates are trained as mediators to promote peace and justice and to settle disputes. After Saminang, a widowed mother of six, was trained and certified through two Philippine nonprofits, the Gerry Roxas Foundation and the Conrado and Ladislawa Alcantara Foundation, Inc., her skills were put to the test when the two combatants came to her in 2011 and shared their wish to lay down their arms.

Salminang heard the two women’s concerns and desires for a more peaceful life and were assured of their sincerity to surrender. She then accompanied them to the authorities and convinced them to give up arms, she also convinced the group they are affiliated with to surrender as well.

Her negotiations skills have meant this group consisting of 17 people is now living a better and a more peaceful life. 
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