Bimala B.K.

Bimala has been working as a womens rights activist for the past 13 years. Her experiences from her childhood in Nepals conflict motivated her to work in this field. After working as an independent activist campaigner and member of the community level network, she felt the need to continue her activism in a more systematic and organized way so that so that it could have a greater impact to the women who are from the same background as she is: the Dalit and marginalized. Thus, she established the Dalit Feminist Upliftment Organizaiton (DAFUO) in her community, Bardiya. 

Individually and institutionally, she has been working for the promotion, protection of human rights of women by making them aware and empowering them. In this regard, she has immensely contributed to the empowerment and justice for the conflict-affected women. She has played a very crucial role in the community as a peace negotiator during and after the conflict. Putting her life into threat, even during the war and emergency periods, she has played the role of informing women on how to prevent the consequences of conflict, how to protect themselves during the conflict, and how to inform themselves about the torture and violence that they faced by both of the conflicting parties: the Sate Army and the Maoists. She has even provided counseling to those women raped by the warring parties. She has rescued many women from the very conflict-prone zone where womens lives and dignity were under threat due to the absence of men in the village. She negotiated the rescue of the women who were held hostage by the Maoists. There are too many stories and cases to write here, but she can document and speak to them if she is given enough time.  

After the peace process, she continued struggling and raising her voice to make the local government accountable in implementing the UNSCR 1325 and 1820. Her efforts and tireless advocacy worked when the Local Peace Committee became comprised of least 33% of womens representation. She is also one of the members of local peace community from CSO representing from Dalit women. 

In the post-conflict scenario, when there is thereat to raise the issues of womens transitional justice, particularly the grave human rights violation, she has courageously documented the cases of 90 conflict-affected women, including some very serious cases such as rape and torture. She has supported and empowered many conflict-affected women to enjoy their access to relief. Recently, she has encouraged and supported many conflict-affected women to file their cases with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC). 

Regardless of adversity, she is still dedicated to the struggle and raises her voice for the rights of women in the peace process. She will not stop her journey as an agent of change for womens peace and security until her life is over.
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