Fawzia Afzali

Fawzia Afzali is committed to working for the benefit of women.

Fawzia graduated from Herat University in 2012 and is currently enrolled in her Masters Degree in International Law at Payam Noor University. Fawzia overcame many problems and hardships during her eleven years of displacement in both Iran and Pakistan. She has been committed to fighting against those problems and hardships since she was in ninth grade.

Working with the vaccine team in Farah Province, with the aim of decreasing maternal and infant mortality, Fawzia went from home to home and from village to village. Constantly challenged and blocked by men, she persevered in her attempts to increase awareness and deliver vaccinations. When the vaccine program was ended she began work as a social worker in Pashta Roud district, advocating for women to be included in development programmees, organizing women’s groups to participate in peacebuilding activities, and working to ensure women in Farah province were issued with voting identification cards.

She has been working as a gender specialist with the Herat Provincial Government since early 2013, and is the first women who has been appointed to this position. Her consistency and resolve to use communication and open discussions to achieve change has made her an asset to her team and its work for improvements to the well-being of Herat’s people.

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