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Nirnaya Shrestha

Nirnaya “nsk” shrestha is a prominent, award-winning singer from Nepal. He has been in the music industry since 1999 and has been working for a radio station since 1998. He has been credited with bringing hip hop to both the grassroots mainstream music levels by blending rap with folk music singing about various social issues. He is also working as a senior program producer at Image fm 97.9 since 1998 running two programs, one dedicated to hip hop and another dedicated to the young achievers of Nepal. He has his own tour called “Nirnaya nsk tour for education” with the motto “education is the foundation of life” and has been bringing education to the underprivileged since 2006. He does program in urban schools blending information regarding peace, HIV/AIDS, the environment, etc. with entertainment while at the same time collecting educational materials which are then distributed to various rural areas in Nepal. He has contributed a lot to bringing education to those deprived of education.This year he celebrates his 10th year on this tour. In 2005 during the Maoist insurgency, he did a nepal tour “ma nepali – tour for education and peace”. All his songs bears some positive messages regarding uniting as one and peace. His new album is called “ek nepal – nsk style” which means "one nepal", since there is a lot of turmoil in Nepal regarding various factions. He has been wearing white in his attire ever since he came into music, hoping for peace. He says peace doesn’t mean the end of the guns and tanks; peace comes only when people have peace in their minds. His attire, his music, his words all work for peace and he inspires the youth in moving towards a peaceful world.

In all his photos, you can see him with the peace sign. He is the goodwill ambassador of many social organizations like Habitat for humanity, Blood Donors Association to name a new and he was named a “yuwa ratna” (youth gem) for his continuous and dedicated contribution for the rescue, relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction after the mega earthquake of 2015 in Nepal.
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