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Mohammad Naim Bahra

Mohammad Naim Bahra was born in 1971 in the city of Herat in Afghanistans Herat Province. When he was young, his father was killed by Russian military forces. After a few years, his old brother also lost his life ot heart failure, after which Mohammad Naim was obligated to accespt all responsibility for his family, including his three orphan sisters and his brother`s son and daughter. Once he finished high school, he started teaching at one high school in Herat, and later on he finished his higher education at an educational faculty in Herat province.

His summarizes duties and achievements after 1996 are as follows:

-    Compiling a sign language dictionary from two provinces (Herat and Farah); this dictionary was used to teach hearing-impared children  

-    Creating a text book for 1st grade at schools for the deaf (this text books was used by children at the Herat Deaf Center from 1998-1999) 

-    Training braille line and sign language to thousands of teachers and stakeholders in two provinces of Herat and Farah 

-    Motivating the MoEs authorities to accept children and youth with disabilities into all the schools in the Farah and Herat provinces 

-    Creating a more inclusive education in those mentioned provinces 

-    Establishing two schools for children with sensory disabilities (blind and deaf) in Herat  

-    Establishing local and civil foundations and associations for children with disabilities 

-    Motivating the MoE authorities to accept laboring and street working children into schools 

-    Establishing special classes for enrolling street working children alongside the DoE (as a result, hundreds of such children were integrated and reintegrated into the schools)

-    Advocating for hundreds of at-risk children in Herat IDP camps 

-    Conducting different legal campaigns for children and parents in IDP camps 

-    Conducting different campaigns for peacebuilding and ways of finding solutions to some conflicts for the children and other community members 

-    Recording a collection of psychological problems faced by the youth 

-    Strengthening child-to-child skills in schools and juvenile rehabilitation centers  

-    Reintegrating many children in conflict with the law into communities and schools 

-    Motivating and cooperating the MoJ authorities to establish an open section at the Juvenile Rehabilitation Center JRC  

-    Mohammad Naim Bahra is currently working as Regional Program Coordinator to support needy and vulnerable children such as street working children and children in conflict with the law in the west region of Afghanistan with ASCHIANA`s organization. He is helping to build future generations of leaders in Afghanistan through the Juvenile Justice programs.

Mr. Bahra’s other activities include his membership with the Regional Civil Organizations Network, contributing his time as an advocator for the rights of children in some local television and radio stations as a volunteer, and meeting and engaging with masjid mullahs and elders on solutions to address and prevent violence against children and women.

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