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Muhammad Karim Sorosh

Muhammad Karim Sorosh is a civil society activist who advocates for peace, human rights and democracy in Afghanistan. He was born in Jaghori, Ghazni, and is a senior student at Ibne-e-Sina University at the Faculty of Political Science.  He went through high school during the war and with a poor economical situation, during which he simply wished for peace and education for all. This experienced fostered in him a great sense of community. 

At the end of his schooling, Muhammad Karim Sorosh went to Kabul for higher education. He has always has always cared about the accessibility of education for all children, and supports peace and inclusive education through his establishment of the Afghanistan Children Protection Organization (ACPO) with the goal of improving education and protecting childrens rights in Afghanistan. He is the Executive Director of ACPO, which has more than 600 members. He has started advocating for the rights of children through the media, community and CSOs for increasing child rights and improving education for all children as well. 

That is not all for Karim Sorosh. Before establishing ACPO, he worked as top management for Save the Children Afghanistan. The mission of SCAO was to protect childrens rights across Afghanistan and to try to integrate those previously hindered from attending school and those who returned to Afghanistan from Iran and Pakistan. Mohammad Karim Sorosh, along with SCAO, successfully integrated more than 200 hindered children--especially girls--from the Mohajerin Township in Gaznni province. This once community-based school was established by SCAO and is now a government school. More than 500 students are being educated there now.  

At the same time, he was helping provide basic education for children with disabilities with the SCAO project with the goal of integrating children with disabilities into government schools with the financial support of SCAO. At the end of this program, more than 200 children with disabilities were absorbed by governmental schools in Kabul province. 

In addition, Muhammad Karim Sorosh is interested in work in the media and is a writer and journalist as well. He has written about more than 100 topics having to do with different subjects such as peace, human rights and democracy for the media. He has established Peace Window Weekly (PWW) for advocating peace and increasing peace culture in Afghanistan. He is the publisher and chief-in- editor for this weekly paper.  

Finally, Muhammad Karim Sorosh is a board member of the Community Organization for the Empowerment of Women and Children in Afghanistan (COEWCA) and editor of Daricha Magazine for children. Also, he is working as an advocacy and media manager for the Afghan Media Cooperation & Civil Organization (AMCCO).

Mohammad Karim Sorosh is a civil society activist who looks for peace, education and human rights in Afghanistan and has great passion for bringing peace through his fantastic ideas and activities. 
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