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Mohammad Akbar Hotak

Badghis is a province remote from the center of the government. So far, it has received little attention; however, racial, tribal, political and regional discrimination have also caused the central governments lack of attention. Terrorists and anti-government agents take advantage of this situation and disrupt the security and political environment of the province.

This situation of disunity has a deteriorating effect, and some mafia and drug-dealing groups try to turn the situations for their favor.

Mohammad Akbar Hotak is one of the influential personalities amongs the people of Badghis; he is fully assimilated with this community. He is actively involved in advocacy programs for justice, lobbying for the youth, cooperation and support of women, campaigning the violence against women, and peace and reconciliation in the Badghis province--which is welcomed by the people.

With his involvement in the peace and reconciliation process since 2011, around 1700 insurgents have since joined the peace process; at the same time, tens of development projects have been launched with the ISAF and other partners, which have created hundreds of jobs for the joint insurgents.

An estimated number of 3355 have received jobs, and they have paved the path for other insurgents to join the process.

Several different women-related entities have been brought together to strengthen the peace program with the support of ISAF: projects such as literacy courses, carpet weaving, tailoring, etc. 450 women have benefited from the projects so far.

An advocacy committee has been established for the purpose of supporting women. This endeavor has brought women to the process and played a vital role in the peace process.

Akbar is part of the leadership of a civil society organization called the Afghanistan National and Social Organ (AYNSO). At the same time as he is providing his usual support to the peace process, he supports and strengthens women through his social activities.

His is an active member of the conflict resolution mediation committee, in which he is playing a great role in the conflict resolution of the communities, tribes and families. He gives efficient advice to the youth and women groups in this area.

He is also a member of the coordination committee of the womens affairs department. This committee deals with domestic violence and bringing solutions such as trying to provide respectable facilities to the victims of such problematic families--most of whom are women.
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