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Chandrasekaram Nitharsan

Sri Lanka
Chandrasekaram is an energetic and enthusiastic young man involved in development and humanitarian interventions with Non Governmental Organizations and the UN. He possesses in-depth knowledge and experience in the areas of socio-economic sectors of the community development context with conflict and tsunami-affected people--particularly IDPs. He has more than 8 years of demonstrated participatory approach experience in the field of development and humanitarian interventions with IDPs and tsunami-affected people in the northern part of Sri Lanka. He is a committed and dedicated person working with vulnerable peoples in Sri Lanka and has developed in-depth knowledge and experience in the area of social mobilization and leadership. 

His professional experiences have provided him with the opportunity to design, lead and manage through participatory approaches; to develop excellent working relationships and collaborate on effective advocacy strategies with various CBOs, NGOs, INGO, consortiums and other partners. 

His knowledge of PRA, social mobilization and CBOs strengthening are special, alongside the experience gained while working with SEED (Social Economical & Environmental Developers) for 7 years. He has worked with various vulnerable groups and IDPs such as children with special needs, children affected by conflict and tsunamis, and peoples who have been affected by war and tsunamis at the grassroots level. Furthermore, he is privilege to visit multicultural projects and having been trained in Europe, South Asia and Kenya, where he gained knowledge and skills which contributed to his intellectual growth. 

Currently he is working with UNDP in the Mullaitivu and Killinochchi district of the North province as a project support officer, which he has done over the last 3 years with the good governance program. This program especially is supporting the development of the capacity of the local governments, District Secretary’s office and CBOs. Under this programme, there are three mine activities: one is the training program for CBO young leaders, the other one is formation of the network committee for the coordination activities with participation of the CBOs for the development activities in relevant Divisional Secretaries area and a small grant found for the CBOs to improve their economical development activities at village levels. 
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