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Gyan Maharjan

Gyan Maharajn is a Newari community man from Lalitpur, and has been working as President of X-Pose Nepal for the last 10 years. He learned of the pain and suffering that comes with violence and the struggle of poor and powerless individuals and families<span 13px;="" line-height:="" 20.8px;"=""> at court, so he was inspired and determined to work to "X-Pose" the violence happening behind the scenes.

He is supporting cases in court, and organizes activities to end sexual harassment and violence against women and girls at schools. He is also supporting the education of over 70 children who are poor or marginalized. He is heavily engaged in relief and rehabilitation programs related to the earthquakes. He has joined many campaigns such as Citizenship Rights and the Stop Rape campaign. He is father to a daughter and son and working voluntarily because of his passion and commitment for ending violence in his community.  He is a painter and organizes many events for fundraising. In his organization, there is no specific funding--and yet they are working significantly, which is unsual and not easy. He is working voluntarily. He also organizes a series of economic activities for the programs sustainability. Currently 30 women are getting training in wood craving out of its own fund. Maharja has said that the lack of funds comes from an inability to write in Englsh, so if they can receive support with this, they could likely increase their outreach immensely.
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