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Mohammad Sher Bagwan

Mohammad Sher Bagwan is the Chairperson of Nepal Muslim Samaj Chetna Kendra, Banke since 2002, an organization which works to empower, mobilize, encourage and support Nepals Muslim community, especially women and children. He has 15 years’ experience in advocacy and campaigning to ensure the rights of women and children with pro-poor work for marginalized and socially excluded communities. He has been working for the betterment of the Muslim community and promoting girls education in the Muslim community. 

Mr. Bagwan has been working for the last two decades for the establishment of peace in the Nepalese community. His vision is to create a community where there is a peaceful and respectful environment for all castes, communities, colors, genders and religions so that people will believe in global human rights. For the establishment of peace at the community level, his engagement and leadership to unite the community people who are poor and deprived from their fundamental rights is instrumental. His contribution to raising awareness through rallies and door-to-door campaigns to minimize child marriage, discrimination among sons and daughters, domestic violence, illiteracy, dowry practice and unemployment has been instrumental. 

Peace does not only come if there is fair representation of women in different committees; for him, peace starts at home and by educating girls and empowering them to become fully capacitated people. We cannot look for representation at the higher level if we have not planted the seed in time. Hence, for him for any kind of representation or participation comes first of all in educating children, particularly girl children. Most Muslim children go through the madrasa education system which is not mainstreamed at the national level education system. Hence, his efforts are in madrasa education mainstreaming at the local and national level so that it can promote more Muslim girls participation in education, which is most essential for the empowerment of girls and women in the future. 

Thanks to Mr. Bagwans initiatives, four schools have been established for the children of poor, marginalized and Muslim communities to increase their level of education. He also works to identify Talaki women who are considered "backward" in the community and to work for their rights at the local and national level. He initiated a campaign called Hamare Pahichan ("My Identity") where people from poor families, "backward" Muslim communities, the marginalized and those deprived of rights can easily register their cases. These are followed up on by the organization at the leadership of Mr. Bagwan for their support so that they can claim their legal rights. Mohammad Sher Bagwan is a leader, role model, and an advocate for the Muslim community who is from Parsapur-22 Banke, Nepal and still working in the establishment of peace and human rights.
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