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Sanju Kumari Sah

Sanju Sah is Chair of the Women, Peace, Research and Development Center (WPRDC), working with a main focus on identifying victims of human rights violations and those of the People’s Movement II (Jana Andolan II) and the Madesh Movement since their establishment. 

Sanju is an active leader from Morang, Terai Madhes who has been involved in promoting human rights, womens rights, womens empowerment and community peace in the Morang District of Eastern Nepal for two decades. Through her organization, WPRDC, she has carried out studies and research on 397 victims out of the total 535 victims (as per the documentation of the Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights-Nepal (OHCHR-N), Informal Sector Service Centre (INSEC), among others) of decade-long armed insurgency by the People’s Movement II, Madesh Movement and other movements after 2007 in Morang district. The research was carried out by visiting every household and family of the conflict victims. 

Ms. Sah, in coordination with district level Local Peace Committee and the Ministry of Peace and Reconstruction, organized a programme that addresses relief, legal consultation and access to justice for the conflict victims from Morang district. She also contributes as a member of the Human Rights Alliance in the eastern region and is associated with many other human rights and civil society organizations.

One of the reasons for the continuous movement and unrest at Teria Madesh is because their issues are still going un-addressed; the fight for equality, equal treatment and the situation of women are even worse. And she herself is coming from the same community, she feels the pain of the discrimination which they have to face. And her contribution in coordinating the Madhesi Women Advocacy Forum since 2008 has been instrumental to establishing the rights of Madhesi women establishing peace in their districts. 

Ms. Sah holds an M.A. from Purbanchal University and also an LLB from T.U. She is still working through her organization for the welfare and upliftment of Madhesi women, community and local area development and peace by empowering the women through awareness raising and capacity enhancement programmes.
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