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Suresh Kumar

Suresh Kumar has been working in social sector since 2011, and is an exemplary youth leader and peacebuilder. He is president of the Youth Network for Peace and Development Mahottari. He has led many peace-related projects, such as a social cohesion for peace project supported by UNDP, a leadership program by UNFPA and DDC Mahottai, and UNOY Peacebuilders Netherlands. He has participated in more than 30 TOT and trainings, over 100 workshops and seminars, and more than 10 national youth assemblies. He is the peace and youth leader of Mahottari. He is talented in proposal writing, reporting, and managing any program. He is also very closed with UNDP and SFCG Nepal because he is a board member of the Nepal Partnership for Children and Youth in Peacebuilding. He is also a member of an international working group with UN agencies and other donors.
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