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Nani Maya Thapa

Since 2009, Nani Maya Thapa has been an Executive Director of Grahmin Mahila Srijansil Pariwar (GMSP) , a woman-led organization established in 1993 by rural women from Sindhupalchok District in Nepal. 

In 2001-2004 she dedicated her time to form child clubs, village Education Committee and their bottom up planning. Her contribution was instrumental in facilitation and supporting the school level planning and village education committee plan to ensure the representation of girls. 

Ms. Thapa has contributed to sensitizing women and the community to conflict transformation and peacebuilding, womens empowerment and leadership development of women, and the inclusion of district village networks, peace groups and womens pressure groups through different workshops and trainings. She has also contributed to the formation of peace committees and conducted trainings for maintaining peace in the community. 

She is an advocator, facilitator, counselor and linker for peace and security in Sindhupalchowk. Because of her advocacy and lobbying with the Government, now 15% of the budget is allocated at the village development level for womens empowerment. Her effort to minimize the forced migration of young people to Gulf countries is also remarkable. To minimize forced migration, Nani Maya Thapa discussed and placed pressure on the district office to make certain rules to control the migration of young people abroad. Now there are stricter rules when issuing passports; for instance, if border officers feel that a traveler is too young, they are required to conduct medical tests to confirm the persons age. 

She has also provided counselling to victims of rape and convinced them to register their cases to exercise their rights and also discourage their recurrence. In most of the cases rape is not reported because of fear. To address this, Nani Maya started to support the victims and their families to overcome this fear. Her continuous advocacy to the government to address this issue and her efforts in reaching out to the family members and report rape case has helped minimize these instances and maintain peace in her community. 

After the earthquake, Nani Maya and her organization Grahmin Mahila Srijansil Pariwar (GMSP) helped form a Safety Committee in every V.D.C. for the community. In the post-earthquake scenario, there is an increase in the number of girls being trafficked as well as an increase in violence against women and girls due to lack of proper accommodation and security. To control this, Nani Maya and her organization, along with the collaboration of the Nepal Government, formed a Safety Committee which looked after the security and protection of the community people. This committee had positive impacts; i.e., since the formation of this safety committee, there has been a decrease in the number of rape case and violence against women and girls (including trafficking) in the Sindhupalchowk district. Her role to create this committee was vital. 
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