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Salah Uddin Kabeer

Salah Uddin Kabeer grew up as a refugee child in Pakistan and suffered many childhood problems with no proper access to quality education, health facilities, or an ideal social environment. He has defeated all of these cultural and social existing obstacles and succeeded in acquiring higher education at a world-renowned university.

During his teenage years, he was involved in many social activities (i.e. health awareness programs, familiarizing and preaching modern education systems among Afghan refugees, and inner peace development).

With extraordinary motivation for social activities such as educating children, providing health services to the refugees, supporting girls education, and cultural integration, received greater attention in the local community of Afghan refugees in Pakistan. This popularity, in his teenage years, got him special rejection from his otherwise conservative society, and as a consequence they tried to stop him.

He realized that all these barriers which developed to thwart his efforts were due to the communitys lack of education and conservative nature.

He therefore initiated a step to harness the youths power to achieve his above-mentioned goals to improve the social life of Afghan refugees. This was at a time when the youth community of refugees boasted less than 1% of university students--with no girls represented. In 2010, he gathered for the first time a conference of hundreds of youths and invited them for a special cause to join their causes, not only for higher education, but also to support and lead young people to pursuing their own higher education. This tremendous step helped provide greater support for Mr. Salah’s goals and helped him find the opportunities to utilize greater and effective force in social development to bring peace to Afghanistan. 

In his past 10 years, he has led non-stop activities in changing the conservative mindset of Afghan citizens toward developing inner peace, recognizing others’ cultures, reconciling, and ultimately reaching acceptance higher education, sports, and youth involvement.

He is the founder of the Afghan Students Society, Planting Positivity, Educate the Girls, and Peace: A Piece of Cake!

He is now based in Kabul, started a positivity campaign with the name of “Planting Positivity”, and trying to gather people of diverse cultures. 
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