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Ganga Joshi

Ganga Joshi is a young woman volunteer who is currently working as a sub-coordinator of Youth Leadership Sub-committee, which works under the supervision of Tikapur Community Resource Library. She is just a 23-year-old woman who believes in volunteering and regards it as a means of community development. According to her, volunteering is a very important thing for all citizens of the world. People can help the community in many ways by volunteering. It is important for people to help their communities in as many ways as possible. She believes in learning by doing and continues learning by sharing, which can be possible through volunteering. She encourages youths of her age to come to the Tikapur Community Resource Library and develop the habit of reading, which is important in the life of young people. It engages the youth in study, thus avoiding their involvement in conflict and any other kinds of activities that disturb social cohesion. 

Ganga initiated the concept of having discussion sessions on social issues with those youths who used to come in library. Ganga and other members of the Youth Leadership Sub-committee also created a sports program for young women (volleyball). Through this program, young women have benefitted in terms of their personal health development, which has helped them be more energetic so that they can contribute to their local community. Ganga is not only a living example for the engagement of youth in reading and keeping them away from conflicting situation, but she is also a good example for other young women by teaching them the essence of volunteerism which can contribute in the local community development processes.

Ganga has worked with FAYA Nepal for quality education through disaster-resilient schools in Kailali district for the Citizen Education Report (CER) in observation, interview, focus group discussion, social resource mapping and literacy mapping. She even worked as a Life Skills Facilitator in the Tikapur community. Thanks to this, she is a well-known face in the community and still working for the development of the Tikapur community and community people.         

She is an educated young woman with a Bachelors degree from the Tikapur Multiple campus. She is also one of the members of the Tikapur Community who is actively participating in different personal skills development trainings organized by various organizations. She has received training on Basic Anchoring organized by Tikapur Community Library, Tikapur Kailali and also received training on Life skill tools TOT from Restless Development Nepal and Read Nepal. From such trainings, Ganga had developed her personal skills of Leadership Skills and High level of self-excitement, self-motivation, confidence & openness.

Ganga is also up-to-date with upcoming new development issues such as Sustainable Development agendas and disasters preparedness. So, for this she has received training in disaster preparedness provided by national volunteering program. Also, she had received training On Champion of Sustainable Development under Himalayan Climate Initiative and most importantly she is also a trainer for N-Peace Mobilizers. 
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