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Ms. Naushalya  Rajapaksha

Sri Lanka

Naushalya Rajapaksha is a proud product of Musaeus College Colombo who successfully completed her LL.B with honors from University of London and was also successful in simultaneously obtaining a Professional Qualification in Human Resource Management from the Institute of Personal Management in the same year.

She is currently one of the Official Youth Delegates of Sri Lanka to the 70th General Assembly of the United Nations who is studying for a Masters in Human Rights at the University of Colombo whilst having completed her Final year at Sri Lanka Law College.

She is also a former Social Change Entrepreneur at UNFPA Sri Lanka where it was her brainchild to initiate a research based advocacy process to conduct the first National survey on sexual harassment of young men and women in public transport as a policy measure of support for the ministerial stakeholders to eradicate sexual harassment from the public transport of Sri Lanka.

Naushalya is also an Advance Bronze Competent communicator and a Leader at Toastmasters

International and she was the youngest among the top 20 global leaders to organize the World Conference on Youth in Sri Lanka 2014 and carries with her numerous international exposures through the National Youth Service Council of Sri Lanka.

Recently Naushalya was elected as the Secretary General of the Law Students Association of Sri Lanka to the Asian Law Students Association and as a member of the Law Students Union at Sri Lanka Law College.

At the moment she is pursuing her Postgraduate Diploma in Global Affairs and Diplomacy from Bandaranaike International Diplomatic Training Institute while doing her apprenticeship at the Attorney General’s Department in Sri Lanka. Naushalya is a budding young lady lawyer who firmly believes that the sustainability of any change remains only at the heart of human attitudes. 

Naushalya has demonstrated power of volunteerism as one of the official youth delegate of Sri Lanka to the 71st United Nations General Assembly in 2015.

Soon after she was selected, along with her fellow delegate she travelled to all provinces under the guidance and support of the National Youth Services Council Sri Lanka to talk to the young people and listen what they like her to include in the Official Youth Statement she was to deliver at the Third Committee of the UNGA in October 2015.

Naushalya is a strong believer that social cohesion among people and especially youth can be achieved through inclusive engagement in decision making. Hence as the UN Youth Delegate she spearheaded a side event at the Sri Lanka Mission to the United Nations in New York on reconciliation through Youth Skills Development in celebration of the World Youth Skills Day which was a brain child of the Colombo Declaration of Youth which is the outcome document of the World Conference on Youth held in Sri Lanka in May 2014, to which Naushalya served as the youngest International Youth Task Force Member.

Not been limited to the UNYD awareness programmes , Naushalya was seen at many platforms either as a panelist or a s a moderator giving voice to the young people of Sri lanka.

Recently, in celebration of the International Youth Day in Sri Lanka , it was her brainchild to come up with a national social media campaign called #YouthVoteSL in collaboration with the Election Commission Sri Lanka in order to make young people more aware about civic engagement. Below are few moments captured at the launch of the National Press conference for #YouthVoteSL with the Election Commissioner Sri Lanka.  

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