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Neha Mandal

Neha Mandal is a young woman working actively in her community peace and development. She is one of the emerging leaders in Ianaruwa of Sunsari district in Nepal. Currently, she is pursuing her Bachelors degree and has also been working as a journalist at Crime Post Inaruwa since 2011.

Neha mostly works at the community level and her contribution as a community mobilizer has also helped her get to know the community closely. This is how she got involved in the youth mobilization in peacebuilding efforts. According to her, peacebuilding efforts will be successful if young people are given the capacities and opportunities to work with local and national governments. 

She believed that the youth needs lots of training to enhance their skills and knowledge. So, with this belief, she has undertaken various trainings which have helped her be more professional and develop her leadership skills. She undertook trainings such as “Mobilizing Youth for Combating Gender Based (GBV) Violence”, “Enabling Young Politicians” and “Enabling Women’s Participation” to help capacitate herself on these issues.

Addressing the fact that women in the Madhesi community rarely take part in community activities due to their socio-cultural situation, she stands as an inspirational youth for other Madhesi woman and has proved that Madhesi women are able to contribute in the peace and development process of the community it they are given the opportunity to do so. She aims to empower women and girls of the Inaruwa community to participate in the peacebuilding processes, build the capacities and interests of local decision-makers in promoting the role of women, and support women and girls to engage in dialogue and cooperation with youth groups and local government institutions.
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