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Wazhma Tokhi

Wazhma Tokhi was born in Paktia Province, but because of the insecurity and lack of education there, she moved to Zabul Province. After she began education at Bibi- Khala shool, she finally graduated in 2014, and now she is a member of the National Youth Parliament of Afghanistan. When she was in Zabul Province she faced different issues with problems such violence against children and women, family wars, lack of education, and more. She lists several of her achievements as:

 -    She decided to open the first-ever institute for womena and youth in Zabul Province, called the Hiwad Academy, where she taught English and computer science to connect Afghan youth with global youth to find more opportunities.

-    Since 2011 she has been teaching kids, youth and women as a volunteer in Zabul Province, during which she has helped 250 students study without any fees and has heleped them register in university to continue their higher education.

-    In 2013, she collected a group of youths for peace by the name Peace in Society, and through this program she helped solved problems of 465 youths and 134 family issues by talking with and understanding them.

-    From 2014 to 2015 she worked as manager of women in G.P.E (Global Partnership for Education) to activate deactivated schools and institutes in unsecure villages and areas.

-    In 2016 she is representing youth from four provinces (Kandahar, Helmand, Uruzgan & Zabul) in a USAID program to stop violence against women and bring educational opportunities for women in these insecure and "backward" provinces.

-    She is also leading a committee of women in Zabul Province to stop the violence against them and get to know their rights.
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