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Rizky Ashar Murdiono

Rizky Ahar is an idealistic, bright, energetic, and passionate young activist from Indonesia. Since 2009 he has been actively engaged in several communities focusing on sexual reproductive health and rights, environmental issues, womens issues, and promoting peace. When he was young, Rizky was street children who move from one family to another family and worked to get money so he could pursue his dream of getting higher education. Now he studies Computer Engineering at Brawijaya University and he will be graduate this year.

Rizky is passionate on issues of inclusive youth participation and sustainable development goals. He is an expert in sign language and is an interpreter for deaf people. He is the coordinator of a local community called the Youth Diversity Alliance to promote peace between young people from diverse backgrounds through dialogue. Through his experience, he has successfully initiated several project such as counseling and peer educator for young people with disabilities, youth media, campaigns on womens issues supported by Amnesty international, and ETC.

He co-authored a book which called for investing in young people in Indonesia: Inspirational young leader driving social change, and realizing young people‚Äôs potential in Indonesia : the path to a brighter future. He is currently as a program manager and volunteer with Pelangi Nusantara. Pelangi nusantara is a social enterprise that is engaged in transforming rag waste into products that have added value for producers. Rizky Ashar is taking part in empowering women ex-migrant workers, ex-sex workers, widows and women married at early age; because of his work, there are more than 200 women with productive work who can help this community go international. You can find his work with Pelangi Nusantara by following this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=du9-sj9SuVo.

Rizky has high hopes that his activism can help people and bring social justice to communities regardless of their sexuality, gender, race or disability. 
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