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Shahzor Memon

Shahzor Ali Memon is an avid changemaker who has set his steps in taking social action towards pressing issues since a young age. Shahzor is running a nonprofit organization called Youth for Enlightenment and Welfare (YEW) which aims to promote civic participation and leadership among youth globally. In the first two weeks of its launch, it already had more than 40 countries participate as youth ambassadors. Shahzor mentors these young ambassadors to run YEW Chapters in their local communities. He has created this forum to gather all the youth from around the world to share their diverse cultures and their visions and concerns about peace and solutions towards them. He assigns different projects every month which ambassadors undertake in their local communities. Shahzor started this platform to appreciate and let the ambassadors work get recognition online so they can get more support and volunteers for their chapters.

Last November, Shahzor designed, facilitated and connected a few countries to take part in the Virtual Cultural Exchange Program in which schools took part in a dialogue about cross-cultural issues and sustainable development goals. Shahzor also published a book this year called Youth Voices on Islam, which is a compilation to give an opportunity to Muslim youth to add their voices in the publication during a time when Muslims are frowned upon by the media. Shahzor, going through depression himself, overcame his personal fears and designed a free online counseling program which is comprised of volunteer counselors from different countries to help people dealing with depression for free. It took place through emails so that the customers contacting counselors can remain anonymous.

Shahzor also launched a YEW Philanthropreneur Program in which he mentors youth to run business ventures for the social good. The youth get the chance to be entrepreneurs by selling and then using the profit towards their projects in their local communities. 3 projects are taking part, namely: “99 seeds” in Trinidad and Tobago, “Without Borders Help a Brother” in Germany/Syria and “Lusenda terre d’accueuil” in DR Congo. Shahzor is a global citizen who appreciates diversity and believes in youth collaboration can tackle the worlds issues.

He has also done projects locally as well (both before and during his launch of his NGO). He mentors and counsels youth in marginalized communities about global education and career counseling. He mentors individuals of all genders and races to be aware of their rights to advocate for themselves. More of Shahzor’s work comprises of involving individuals to be aware of their human rights, wellness education and personal development to be well rounded individuals. 

Shahzor is also running a small women’s training home in which the woman are mentored to be entrepreneurs. The women gather there and use the sewing machines provided there to earn their income and learn some skills. Women and queer individuals who have been through domestic and sexual abuse are also counseled. Shahzor is making the most of this digital age and digital generation. Getting access to volunteers at an institution is sometimes restricted based on experience, age, and not being connected to an organization; hence, Shahzor not only launched his program in his local community, but realizing that many youth may be facing the same problem, he spread it out to go global for youth to take positive actions where authorities have failed to do so.
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