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Irine Gayatri

Through the in-depth research she has been conducting at the Centre for Political Studies in Indonesian Institute of Sciences (P2P LIPI), Irine Gayatri has been contributing extensively to the understanding of the development of and potential ending of conflicts in Indonesia, including natural resource conflicts, industrial conflict and natural resources management.

Having been in this role since 1997, Gayatri has penned numerous cutting-edge reports, including Women at the Indonesian Peace Table: Enhancing the Contributions of Women to Conflict, Portrait of Post-communal Conflict in Central Kalimantan, and Unitary State Versus Federal State. Gayatri has also contributed to books exploring post-disaster reconstruction, village governance and women’s political representation in Aceh.

She is also the chief editor of the news website Pusat Penelitian Politik (P2P), which is a repository of the Centre’s researchers’ views on political and social issues.

Gayatri demonstrates her firm support of gender equality in post-conflict settings, peace and transformative approaches to conflict through her membership of the Coalition of Anti Gender-based Violence, and board membership of Interseksi Foundation (an organization that promotes multiculturalism and democracy).

Her expertise in the role of women in peacemaking and peacebuilding has been called on by the Ministry of Women Empowerment and UN Women, for the drafting of the country’s National Action Plan to adopt the UN Security Council Resolution 1325.
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