Cross-Border Initiatives

If history has taught us anything, it is to never underestimate the power of what a group of women can achieve when they work together. Every year, the Cross-Border Initiatives award recognizes an outstanding civil society organisation working to create networks of women from conflict contexts across the Asia-Pacific region.

Women’s experiences and voices are often made invisible in conflict and peacebuilding environments. Cross-border networks can provide much needed support for women who have undergone similar experiences of marginalization and struggle, and enable them to collectively address challenges on Women, Peace and Security. Many countries across the region are also at different stages of post-conflict and peace process. Cross-border networks can provide opportunities for women peacebuilders to learn how other women at more advanced stages of the peace process overcame barriers to ensure inclusion and participation. These also offer opportunities to identify how they can incorporate these learning into their own advocacy strategies.

Notable Alumni organisations include