Name: Muqadasa Ahmadzai (Afghanistan)

Muqadasa Ahmadzai (25 years) was born in Jalalabad, Afghanistan. Her family still believe that young women…

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Name: Zakia Samimi (Afghanistan)

Zakia Samimi (21 years) is the co-Founder of the Young Women Leaders Conference and the Deputy Regional Coordinator…

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Name: Shughnia Ramzjo (Afghanistan)

Shughnia Ramzjo (24 years) is a student at the American University of Central Asia. She volunteers with organisations…

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Name: Sarina Faizy (Afghanistan)

Coming from Kandahar, Afghanistan, Sarina (22 years) grew up in a volatile conflict zone. In her…

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Name: Diah Sulung Syafitri (Indonesia)

Diah Sulung Syafitir (24 years) has been spreading the spirit of volunteerism and values of peace…

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Name: Althea Dannia Esmael (Philippines)

Althea Dannia Esmael is an influential peace advocate in Bangsamoro of Mindanao, a region located in…

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