Untold Stories


Name: Khojasta Sameyee

Khojasta Sameyee is an Afghan journalist who through her work creates awareness about issues affecting women’s…

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Name: Farida Sultani

A social activist for the empowerment of women and girls, Farida insists on using her platform…

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Name: Anosha Barakzai

Anosha Barakzai was born in Urogzan, Afghanistan in 1992 when the province was the site of several insurgences.…

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Name: Mira Kusumarini

Violent extremism has become a rising security concern in Indonesia. Growing numbers of terror attacks threaten lives…

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Name: Mutiara Taripar Paulo Pasaribu

Mutiara Taripar Paulo Pasaribu uses academic research spanning across a variety issues including gender-based violence exacerbated by conflict, women in…

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Name: Htar Htar Thet

In 2007, Htar Htar Thet was arrested and sentenced to 19 years in prison by a closed tribunal…

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Name: Cynthia Maung

A multi-award winning activist and famous medical doctor in Myanmar, Cynthia Maung focuses on women and peacebuilding…

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Name: Logshari Kunwar

As the chief editor of Mahilakhabar (the first digital news portal on women's issues), ex-editor of…

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Name: Sarita Kumari Sharma

Sarita Kumari Sharma is a politician working in the Mahottari District of Nepal. She is a…

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Name: Sangita Gyenwaly

Sangita Gyenwaly has made her mark on thePahari people in Mahottari Districtby recognising the potential human capital that…

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Name: Asha Chaudhary

The Nepalese armed conflict was a 10-year-long armed conflict, starting in 1996 and officially ending with the…

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Name: Noreen Naseer

Noreen is a Lecturer for the Department of Political Science for the University of Peshawar and has…

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Name: Mahira Miyanji

Mahira Miyanji is a social advocate who promotes women's empowerment and girl's education. In 2013, she established the girls at a time…

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Name: Sarwat Sughra

Sarwat Sughra is the Founder and one of the Directors for Community for Common Good - an organisation that works toward the eradication of…

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Name: Tayyaba Hussain

Tayyaba Hussain is a social entrepreneur from Lahore using business strategies to empower women and girls. She conducts seminars…

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Name: Shazia Ahmed Langove

A political leader in Balochistan, Pakistan on the border with Afghanistan, Shazia Ahmed Langove works to increase women’s political participation in…

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Name: Atia Anwar Zoon

The Jammu and Kashmir region has been a long-standing site of conflict in Pakistan.  Atia Anwar Zoon…

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Sri Lanka

Name: Visaka Dharmadasa

Visaka Dharmadasa is one of the numerous women who was affected by the Sri Lankan war. She…

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Name: Apsara Kasthuriarachchi

Apsara Kasthuriarachchi is a Project Officer for Protecting Environment and Children Everywhere (PeACE), overseeing the implementation of over 400 training workshops…

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Name: Samira Gutoc-Tomawis

Samira Gutoc-Tomawis is an advocate for the people of Marawi, an area of the Philippines that…

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