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Reimagining Peacemaking: Women's Roles in Peace Processes

June 30, 2015
A new report on Women and Peace, Reimagining Peacemaking: Women’s Roles in Peace Processes has been released by the International Peace Institute that includes numerous references to the N-Peace initiative and some of our amazing network members.

Peace and political transition processes provide key opportunities to transform institutions, structures, and relationships in societies affected by conflict or crises. Despite these wide-ranging implications, women’s participation in formal peacemaking remains low. And empirical evidence regarding the impact of women’s participation on peace has been lacking. The report examines the challenges and opportunities presented by women’s participation in peace and transition processes. It shares new quantitative and qualitative evidence on the impact of this participation and explores models and strategies for strengthening women’s influence throughout mediated processes.

You can find out more and download the report here: http://www.ipinst.org/2015/06/reimagining-peacemaking-womens-roles-in-peace-processes 


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