Althea Dannia Esmael (Philippines)

Althea Dannia Esmael is an influential peace advocate in Bangsamoro of Mindanao, a region located in Southern Philippines that is undergoing religious conflict and violent extremism.

Instead of applying forceful measures to resolve conflicts, Althea proposes a peaceful approach towards achieving social cohesion in her community, especially to younger generations by conducting peace educations, organizing interfaith dialogues, campaigning against violent extremism and the recruitment of Muslim youths by extremist groups.

Althea was the founding coordinator at the Salaam Movement, a youth-led organization, that advocates for peace in the Mindanao region. She is now working on her M.A., and continues to very active in youth initiatives on PVE and peacebuilding. She is recognized for her work in youth and women empowerment and her efforts in fostering a culture of peace and religious tolerance.