Anindya Nastiti Restuviani (Indonesia)

Anindya is a women’s rights activist in the Jakarta community. She has been involved in a wide variety of initiatives that advocate for diverse feminist issues in Indonesia with an emphasis on sexual and reproductive rights.

Through her role as Events Chairman for the Jakarta Feminist Discussion Group (Fem Fest), Anindya helps to provide safe spaces where women from Jakarta can discuss the gendered difficulties that they face. She also coordinated Jakarta’s first Women’s March. As the co-director of Hollaback Jakarta, a movement that seeks to end harassment in public spaces, Anindya has helped to develop a mobile application for people to share and discuss stories of harassment. She has also created an online module for harassment bystander intervention training.

Anindya has been involved in influencing policy and legal reform regarding sexual and reproductive rights in Indonesia. She has been part of a team who created a petition advocating for the rejection of amendments to the penal code which would criminalize extra-marital affairs, common-law spouses, and information sharing on family planning that is not conducted by the legal authority. Through her work, Anindya is a promoting people to become more active participants in the struggle towards gender equality in Indonesia.