Anosha Barakzai

Anosha Barakzai was born in Urogzan, Afghanistan in 1992 when the province was the site of several insurgences. The area continues to be affected by conflict which poses signficant barriers to girls’ education. While still a student of grade six at school, Anosha founded an education centre for girls. Now 26, she continues to build on this centre and has in the process become a prominent peacebuilding figure in her community. She is a member of the 400 Afghan Religious Leaders groups, and volunteers to help mainstream peace councils.

Through partnerships with civil society, Anosha has created and supported community projects such as the Advancing Community Afghanistan and the Rule of Law Stabilization projects. Furthermore, she founded the Urogzan Woman Organisation to challenge the traditional role of women in society, and common perception of women as passive participants to change accelerators. She is a Malala Maiwandi Medal award winner and a renowned advocate for education, social inclusion, and women’s empowerment in one of the most unstable regions in Afghanistan.