Apsara Kasthuriarachchi

Apsara Kasthuriarachchi is a Project Officer for Protecting Environment and Children Everywhere (PeACE), overseeing the implementation of over 400 training workshops on sexual exploitation of children, child marriage, child prostitution, as well as child-friendly investigation methodologies. The nucleus of her work is tackling the exploitation of girls, engaging with local, regional and national authorities to sensitize them to issues affecting children, and partnering with government departments.

During the Sri Lankan civil war, many women were subject to mass sexual offences. Apsara works towards addressing the legacy of this conflict, supporting the alleviation of issues relating to women and girls that are yet to be fully tackled by the country‚Äôs peacebuilding plans and government policies. Apsara has set up a Legal Aid fund for survivors of sexual exploitation, providing legal assistance as well as counselling services. Apsara has gone on to develop maternal counselling centres, as well as, 50 medical camps in Badowita and Horopathana. These areas are known to be severely impoverished regions with little-to-no access to health services.