Asha Chaudhary

The Nepalese armed conflict was a 10-year-long armed conflict, starting in 1996 and officially ending with the signing of a Comprehensive Peace Accord on November 21st 2006. This conflict is noted for the rise in women combatants, but also affected non-fighting women as well.  As such, the peacebuilding process has had to address many issues of the changes in social structures, access to justice and the response to the use of sexual assault during the armed conflcitwar. Asha Chaudhary has been working with conflict  affected women in the Kailali district in rural Nepal with a keen focus of addressing the issues that they face as a result of the conflict. . 

Asha Chaudhary’s extensive work with Women Human Rights Defender is geared towards highlighting  issues that women face. She has frequently written for the StoryKitchen to bring these issues to the forefront. An advocate for gender equality in all spheres of daily life, 

Asha Chaudhary has conducted skills training workshops for conflict-affected women as part of an initiative to support’s women economic empowerment at the local level. With local CSOs,  Asha Chaudhary has instituted a bottom-up approach to issues of promotion of women in peacebuilding by always engaging with the day to day needs of the community firstly and changing perceptions about the gender roles that women play.