Atia Anwar Zoon

The Jammu and Kashmir region has been a long-standing site of conflict in Pakistan.  Atia Anwar Zoon is known as a prominent voice in this region, using a combination of research and advocacy to lobby for the participation of women in leadership positions.

Atia has worked for the Kashmir Institute for International Relations as Director of the Women’s Wing. She has organised a stream of training workshops focused on leadership, conflict resolution, and peacebuilding. Atia was selected for the 1325 Fellowship for South Asian Women Peacebuilders. She organised the first Line of Control workshop for women leaders from all 5 regions of AJK involved in the dispute in 2014. She has collected and published narratives of women along the Line of Control and has spoken at conferences worldwide to bring awareness to the women, peace and security agenda and its implementation in AJK. Through organising training workshops at the local level, and advocating for women’s leadership at the global level has brought issues surrounding women, peace and security to the forefront of global dialogues on peacebuilding.