Farida Sultani

A social activist for the empowerment of women and girls, Farida insists on using her platform in support of sustainable social change. She volunteers at Peace Mothers Project in Kandahar – an organisation that leverages the role of mothers in society to engage them as peacebuilders. Farida works as Project Facilitator for many civil society organisations in this tumultuous region, while working as a Literacy Teacher. She drives a message about the importance of education for all children – especially girls – for the Child Protection Action Network (CPAN), Mercy Corps, and numerous other organisations. 

Farida Sultani organises and participates in training workshops on issues relating to women at times of war; creating awareness about gender-based violence issues in Arghandab, Daaman and Shahwali Kot Districts. This young advocate engages civil society, local communities, and prompts national dialogue on inclusion and empowerment of women in the building of sustainable peace in Afghanistan.