Halima Askari (Afghanistan)

Halima Askari has made a name for herself running for political positions to bring the voices of women and girls to decision-making processes in Afghanistan.

In November 2017, Halima Askari was elected as Chairperson of Wardak Provincial Council, becoming one of the first three women elected to top administrative positions in this provincial council. Halima has used her political influence to champion issues relating to Afghan women’s rights and has been actively engaged in defending the rights of civilians in clashes between Afghan National Defence Security Forces and the Taliban.

Through her work as the Vice Chair of the Peace Committee for the Social Council for Consolidation of Peace, Halima plays an active role in mobilizing support for inclusive peace. This has included arranging gatherings for promoting peace and support for democracy, resolving conflicts between tribes, and coordinating with religious scholars and leaders. Halima has also spoken on various media and radio sources – such as PeaceWomen and The National Democratic Institute – about the importance of women’s political participation and education in Afghanistan.