Homa Alizoy

Few women work in the justice sector in Afghanistan, despite efforts to open the space for women due to high levels of risks involved, the sector is only able to retain few women[1].

Homa Alizoy, was and raised in Kabul and graduated from Kabul University, in Political Science. She also holds a Masters degree in Law and Criminology. After graduating, Homa worked with the Supreme Court of Afghanistan. In 1987, she received her judicial accomplishment under Presidential Decree. From 1987-1990, she served as a general manager of research, President Scrutiny and Supreme Court researcher. In 2004, she served in Kabul Province Public Security Appeal Court. She has also been working as the President of Justice for Children in Primary Court of Kabul since 2007.

[1] http://www.idlo.int/sites/default/files/IDLO_Afghan%20Legal%20Professionals%20summary.pdf

Country: Afghanistan
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